Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hannah Montana Miley Says Goodbye download

New Hannah Montana DVD - Miley Says Goodbye?

Never before has Miley Stewart faced such a crucial decision! Now, DVD viewers will be the FIRST to see the season finale with Miley’s pivotal decision-making moment about staying in Hollywood or returning home to Tennessee, only on DVD before it airs on Disney Channel! Get ready for Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?, with six episodes, including the Season 3 finale episode, exciting bonus features and a bonus episode.
Bonus Episode
• “He Could Be The One” – 1-hour episode with alternate ending
Bonus Features
• Sister Secrets – Miley’s real-life sister, Brandi, leads this exclusive backstage tour of the Hannah Montana show. Armed with her “Brandi-Cam,” Brandi gets access and juicy details that only a real BFF can get with Miley, Emily, Jason, Mitchel, Moises, and even her dad, Billy Ray.
• Hannah Highlights – Pop-up trivia/facts on the episode “You Never Give Me My Money”

Here are some stills: (click to see full photo)

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credits: disneysociety.com, All Your Disney Channel Needs!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hannah Montana 4

I can't wait to see the new season of HM! And, like in HM3, she changed her look, and with a surprising new look...Hannah Montana 3Hannah Montana 4
(Credits: Hannah and Miley )